ELIXIR Denmark - the coordinating node of the project - earmars funds (as available) to support studentships to work on curation-focussed mini-projects for Projects must have clear and quantifiable impact on content, in terms of number of entries and / or content quality. Projects can include developments of some tooling, so long as this contributes directly to the project goals.

If you would like to propose a project, then please discuss your ideas first by mailiing Jon Ison cc Peter Longreen. If following this discussion, we all agree there is basis for a project, then we’d require a 1-page project proposal, the text of which we can work on together and in collaboration with other memebers of the registry-core group. Funding will be prioritised (by the Danish Node management) by proposals having the biggest potential impact on content and quality.

We anticipate most projects to be short duration (normally the equivalent of a month full time work) however there is flexibility, especially where we find talented students who can clearly demonstrate that there work has made an impact. In case of project continuation, progress would be reviewed, and funding for projects that did not perform would be terminated.


  • each proposal requires (at least) two named mentors:
    • someone to vouch for the student, provide local on-site supervision, and handle payment of the student
    • someone (normally from the the registry-dev group) who will assist with supervision and oversee the delivery of the work
  • students must be enrolled with an accedited University, or have accepted a place at such
  • any tooling developed during the studentship would have to made freely available under open license

Answers to FAQ

  • you are welcome to apply at any time
  • there is no limit to the number of proposals, although a student can only be employed on one project at one time
  • you cannot participate both as a mentor and a student
  • only an individual may work on a project; groups cannot submit proposals
  • when writing a proposal, please refer to the existing proposals below and follow the general structure and style
  • projects must have clear and quantifiable impact on content, but you are free to propose anything to these ends: you will need to inspect and (latest dev server) to assess current status
  • for futher information, mail Jon Ison cc Peter Longreen.
  • we particularly welcome proposals from thematic editors.


Finalised proposals are uploaded to

Mining the Scientific Literature for and Annotating Proteomics Software using the EDAM ontology and biotoolsXSD

STATUS: Complete. See Proposal. Open for comments.

Harvesting service descriptions for using OpenAPI standards

STATUS: Complete. See Proposal.

See update on progress and pre-publication.

Annotating software tools in a scientific context

STATUS: Complete (5 students). See Proposal.

Annotating software tools in domains of the Life Sciences

STATUS: Funded and ongoing (metabolomics). Open for comments.