Contributors Guide

Feature requests & issues

GitHub is used to track fine-grained issues and is the preferred way to make feature requests, content suggestions, EDAM term requests, and bug reports:


GitHub is the primary means for technical coordination: collaborators are encouraged to browse tasks, review priorities, make comments and add new tasks.

Mailing list

Please use the appropriate mailing list:

  • registry for general discussions on
  • registry-support for questions and help on
  • edam for general discusion and help on EDAM
  • registry-announce or edam-announce for low-traffic announcements
  • registry-core and edam-dev for technical discussion amongst developers

To send mail:


Coordination meetings are organised as required. The hangouts usually have an open agenda and respond to current critical needs. Technical representatives of ELIXIR-DK institutes routinely attend and everyone is very welcome: if you’d like to join mail Jon Ison.

Task management

High-level project management tasks concering are managed in sifterapp (moderated by Jon Ison):

If you’d like a sifterapp account, please email Jon.

Editing tool descriptions

You can contribute to directly:

  • register your own (or other people’s) tools
  • request edit rights (via a button on the Tool Cards) on entries where tools are already registered
  • request ownership (again via a button) of entries, if you are the developer of the tool described but it has been registerd by someone else
  • ask for help via the mailing lists, especially in case you have many tools to add or edits to make benefits from the support of ELIXIR Nodes: collections of research institutes from a member country that provide the resources and services that are part of ELIXIR.