All developments of software and content are informed by:

  1. Community requests including partners and end-users.
  2. Delivering priorities of the ELIXIR EXCELERATE grant (granted in April 2015) including revisions in light of 2017 midterm review.
  3. Priorities of the ELIXIR Danish node.
  4. Personal priorities of the team, having insight of the core requirements.
  5. Events on the ground.

For a summary of active issues see GitHub. We aim for quarterly major new releases of the production deployment ( with new changes more regularly pushed to the development deployment (

Tasks are assigned to quarterly milestones in GitHub. See in particular Critical and High priority issues and issues which are in progress.

Please join the discussion in GitHub. The core team is very small, so bug fixes, new features etc. take a while - you’re patience is appreciated!

For higher-level project management tasks, see (for a sifter account mail Jon Ison).