Contributors Guide

Task management

All tasks in the orbit are managed in sifterapp (high-level tasks, moderated by Jon) or JIRA (low-level software tasks, moderated by Emil). If you’d like a sifterapp or JIRA account, please mail Jon Ison or Emil Rydza.


sifterapp is the primary means for technical coordination: collaborators are encouraged to browse tasks, review priorities, make comments and add new tasks. Bear in mind sifterapp is for high level tasks not fine-grained details! community site

GitHub is used for sharing code and data for all projects:

Feature requests & issues

GitHub is used to track fine-grained issues and is the preferred way to make feature requests, content suggestions, EDAM term requests, and bug reports:

Mailing list

Please use the appropriate mailing list:

  • registry for general discussions on
  • registry-support for questions and help on
  • edam for general discusion and help on EDAM
  • registry-announce or edam-announce for low-traffic announcements
  • registry-core and edam-dev for technical discussion amongst the core developers

To send mail: - - -

See also the general ELIXIR mailing lists.

  • Tools is a low-traffic, broad readership list for the ELIXIR Tools Platform.


We have a call on the last Fri of each month @ 11AM CET. Technical representatives of ELIXIR-DK institutes routinely attend. Guests are very welcome: if you’d like to join mail Henriette Husum Bak-Jensen.

The hangouts have an open agenda and respond to current critical needs. See the meeting minutes.

Status reports

A short summary of activities, including last months actions and next months plans, is released on the last Thu of each month, to be discussed at the monthly hangout (above). Read the status reports.

See also and the ChangeLog.